23 April 2014

Spa Week Specials

Spring 2014 Spa Week Event at

Myoflex Massage & Rejuvenation Clinic is
proud to be part of Spa Week again this year!

Spa Week, held from
21 to 27 April 2014,
is an event that allows you to enjoy Spa and Wellness treatments at selected spas across Canada and the US for only $50.00 (+ HST) each.

As part of Spa Week, Myoflex is happy to offer
the following treatments for $50.00 (+ HST) each.

* Relaxation Massage *


* Foot Bath in Essential Oil-infused Water followed by a
Foot Scrub, Foot Massage and Pedicure *


* Thai Hot Stem Facial Massage *


* Rejuvenating Spa Facial *

Gift Certificates available

To book your appointment at
Myoflex Massage & Rejuvenation Clinic
924 Prospect Street, Suite 105, Fredericton

Please call: 450-9272