21 August 2014

The rituals continue!

The rituals continue!

It is an annual ritual we cannot escape as we are continuously bombarded by ads in flyers, newspapers, TV and radio as well as in our favourite stores, reminding us that school is starting soon and that we need to get ready for it. But amongst all that cacophony of sales and other bargains, it is sometimes difficult to remember that summer is not quite over yet.

While there is no denying that fall is in the air, we are still trying to cling to the last days of summer bliss while enjoying the harvest from our gardens or relaxing amongst the flowers we had planted last spring, perusing the various farmers’ markets for fresh fruits and vegetables or for that choice cut of meat to throw on the barbeque, or perhaps to take advantage of the sun’s rays at the beach or the cottage before it is too late.

And as we regale in what nature has to offer, we sometimes neglect our health and beauty, especially in light of the stress of getting the kids, and ourselves, back into working mode.

Take a deep breath!

In fact, take several deep breaths, ideally by first getting into a relaxed position, placing your hands on your belly and by breathing in slowly and deeply through the nose, allowing your belly to rise, then by slowly exhaling through the mouth in a controlled manner, repeating the whole procedure 8 to 10 times.

But sometimes, breathing is not enough and you’ll need Massage Therapy or Acupuncture to deal with stress and the nasty pitfalls of chronic, prolonged stress that may lead to various health problems including; headaches and migraines, muscle soreness and tightness, insomnia, anxiety attacks, even depression, weakening of the immune system, and high blood pressure. Massage therapy or acupuncture performed by our registered therapists at Myoflex Massage & Rejuvenation Clinic can help decrease muscular tensions and harmonize the response of the body’s nervous system, promoting relaxation, reducing pain or boosting the immune system.
And after your health has been taken care of, our aesthetician Jennifer can take care of your beauty needs and leave you radiant and ready to face the world.

Was your face exposed to too much sun and do your eyebrows need to be redefined? A facial and tinting may be what you need.
Are you feeling a tad prickly? Jennifer can take care of all your waxing needs and desires.
Are your toenails dishevelled from all that sand and saltwater and do your fingernails show signs of neglect and are in dire need of some special care? A pedicure and manicure will get them into shape again. And you may even want to get fancy by choosing from a vast assortment of nail decorations, from whimsical to formal.
Did you let the sun colour your skin in a golden hew or did you avoid its rays to keep your diaphanous complexion? Regardless of your skin’s shades, Body Art, the non-permanent alternative to a tattoo, can bring you to that next level of sophistication. Let Jennifer guide you through the wide variety of designs to make it fit your particular occasion. Whether it is an official reception, maybe your upcoming vacation, or for going back to school or the office, or even for your next BBQ, Body Art can add that extra touch of class.

And don’t forget about Venus Freeze, the revolutionary, non-surgical and pain-free treatment for your face, neck or body to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and contour your body.

Beauty and Health, the perfect combination at Myoflex Massage & Rejuvenation Clinic!