10 December 2009

Don't Miss Our Holiday Specials!

We have 4 relaxing Holiday Specials available for the month of December.

1. "Rock on! Thermal Massage"

Total body relaxation with a one hour Hot Stone Massage, complimentary hot choclate and biscotti set to a soothing blend of the ocean and nature sounds.

Price: $82.00 plus HST

2. "Designed for a Professional Office Worker"

Hot hand wax treatment, one hour therapeutic body massage, exercises to help with arm, neck and back pain or stiffness, and a complimentary Herbal Tea.

Price: $75.00 plus HST

3. "Thai Hot Stem Massage"

Indulge in this innovative treatment based on ancient wisdom about health and wellbeing which combines acupressure, Thai stretches, and the application of the stems filled with exotic herbs and spices to promote dotoxification and deep relaxation. And best of all, the stems will be yours to take home.

Price: $82.00 plus HST

4. "Refreshing Foot or Heavenly Hand Spa"

Reward you hard working hands or your tired feet with a relaxing spa treatment. Each consists of a gentle soak, rejuvenating exfoliation followed by a deep penetrating heat of paraffin wax and finally a foot or a hand massage.

Price: $50.00 plus HST for each treatment (hands or feet),

you can have both hands and feet treated for a slight increase in price.

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